We have had Doc Berends treat our horses for years, he came out one time when no one else was available to come out for our pony. He give many different choices and really cares about the animal being treated. He is so calm and in control of all the horses, that he has treated by us. He has a incredible bedside manner about him, and teaches, as he is treating the animals. If we need some one that day he is always there, even if it is late into the night. I have never felt that he is in a rush to move on till the job he is doing is done. He is a very kind a compassionate man and I am so very very thankful that I met Doc Berends. He is truly one of a kind in the equine vet world.... I am so glad God placed him in ours.

Dawn DeYoung

I have known Dr. Berends for around 16 years. He has always been there for me and my horses. I have not yet met a horse owner who has been disappointed with him or his services, and in the horse world that says a lot!!! Dr. Berends has all the qualities you need in a good vet. He is always there for you, has a calm demeanor that's great around horses and the amount of knowledge and experience he has to offer is never ending and helpful. I have taken care of many different horses over the years and met a TON of equine vets but none as sweet and trusty as Dr. Berends. I have learned a lot from him over the years and am proud to say that I know him.

My horses and I wish to thank Dr, Berends and his staff for their unbeatable service throughout the years!!!


SV Ranch
Middleville, MI

Dr B has been the most knowledgeable, down to earth veterinarian I have ever worked with. Very easy to talk to and willing to discuss all aspects of your horses health and offer choices. He has worked on my horses since 1985 and he is not allowed to retire EVER.

Would recommend to everyone.


In February 2006, my gelding went lame and subsequently foundered. When my vet retired without notice, I was very upset, but soon realized it saved my horse's life. Because I was then forced to find another vet. Doc Berends took over and didn't give up. Between Doc and an experienced farrier, my horse is still going strong. And my gelding just loves him, proving to me once again that animals are the best judge of people!

I'm so impressed by his compassion, not just for the horse, but for the owner. He heals our equine friends AND treats owner OCD. :)

Joy Kuyt

Dr. Berends is not only a very knowledgeable and professional veterinarian, he is personable and he cares.  His manner with the horse is impeccable and his willingness to take the time to educate his clients is priceless.  Dr. Berends on more than one occasion has gone the extra mile for me and my horses, and I am very appreciative of his services.   I can only hope that he takes someone under his wing with the same morals and ethics as his own, so that when the day comes he decides to retire, his wisdom and eagerness to help the equine industry does not retire as well.

I know several people that use Dr. Berends services as well - they LOVE him and they swear by him.  Even my farrier sings his praises!

I am SO thankful to have Dr. Berends available for my horses....I will continue to not only have him be my primary vet but also will refer him on to anyone with horses that may need professional assistance.

Thank you Dr. Berends for all that you do!

Carrie Bale

Welcome Back John! The first time I met John was when my yearling stud colt
went through a fence. Abduel is now a gelding and turning 28 years old in February 2005, and still full of spunk.
In those 27 years I've known John, I have probably owned well over 200 horses. With many of them being born on the farm. Using Natural Cover as well as A.I. in my breeding program. I have always given John allot of the credit for having such a successful breeding operation. A friend of mine once said, "The people that are successful in the horse business are the ones that are always willing to go that extra mile." Well John, you certainly have.
Greatly Appreciated,

Bonnie Bedwell
Formerly Franklin Training Center
Clarksville Michigan

Just wanted to write a quick note to express how thrilled we are to know Dr. Berends is practicing again. We have known him from years back while he was at SouthKent Animal Hospital and we were always impressed by his knowledge and work with our animals.

Growing up my mother had horses and now as an adult I own several. A few weeks ago I had difficult choice to put a 28 year old mare I owned down and was glad Dr. Berends was available immediately to take my call and was there compassionately to help with our decision.

He truly is an asset to the equine world and a welcome relief to have back practicing. We will continue to use him and help spread the word while welcoming him back.

Cyndi Curie-Cluckey
Saranac, MI

The first time I met Dr. Berends was when my sister's Arabian
gelding, Donamo (then 4 years old) had ulcerated cornea's and he came to diagnose and treat him. Donamo, is now 27 years young and recently had an exam with Dr. Berends. Through the years we have been spoiled by the expertise medical services of Dr. Berends. While we were happy and proud to see his career advance to MSU Merrilatt in Adrian, Michigan, we found it difficult to find a Veterinarian with his level of skill, knowledge and compassion towards our horses, especially in the reproductive field. This December 2004, we had our 2 year old filly sand colic.
Not only did Dr. Berends treat her successfully, but he stopped by on his own after another emergency call on a Saturday evening just to check on her with a brief exam at no charge to us. In all my 25 years of owning horses,
Dr. Berends is the ONLY Veterinarian we've had who has paid us that courtesy. Needless to say, we are absolutely elated Dr. Berends has chosen to come back to practice equine medicine in our area. Best of health and success to you and yours Dr. Berends.

Warm Regards,
Ann & Ben Rienks - Vintage Farm

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